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WMT Charity Donation to Family Promise

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Wisconsin Metal Tech Demonstrates Commitment to Community Through Generous Donation to Family Promise, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Metal Tech, a leading name in the precision machining industry, has reaffirmed its dedication to community support by making a substantial donation to Family Promise, Wisconsin. The company’s CEO, Jeff Heinze, announced the donation as part of the ongoing commitment to making a positive impact beyond their facility.

Family Promise, Wisconsin, operates with the mission of providing shelter, basic needs, and assistance to children, families, and single women as they navigate the challenges of seeking permanent housing. What sets Family Promise apart is its commitment to keeping families together during times of crisis, fostering a sense of unity and support.

Amy Whittenberger
Amy Whittenberger – Community Initiatives at Wisconsin Metal Tech

The Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN), a crucial arm of Family Promise, works tirelessly to meet emergency needs by leveraging the efforts of a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. Collaborating with over 20 local churches, IHN serves up to 14 individuals daily, offering shelter, three daily meals, and unwavering hospitality. This initiative is made possible through the coordinated efforts of 13 Host Congregations and 7 Support Congregations that provide nightly housing for families in need.

Jeff Heinze, CEO Wisconsin Metal Tech.

Wisconsin Metal Tech’s donation to Family Promise reflects the company’s core values of collaboration, support, and community engagement. CEO Jeff Heinze emphasized the importance of teamwork within the organization, stating, “The culture at Wisconsin Metal Tech is focused on collaboration and support. We only succeed each day through a team effort, and that truly takes everyone supporting each other.” He further highlighted the company’s recognition of the broader impact of their team, extending beyond the facility’s walls.

Jeff Heinze expressed pride in the selection of Family Promise as a beneficiary, citing their shared values and proximity to the local community. “We are proud to support our neighbors and look forward to continuing this tradition in the future,” he added.

Wisconsin Metal Tech’s commitment to Family Promise is not just a one-time gesture; it underscores the company’s dedication to making a lasting difference in the lives of those in need. As the company continues to thrive in the precision machining industry, it remains equally devoted to building a stronger, more resilient community.

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