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Quality CNC Machining – What OEM’s should look for

quality cnc machining what oems should look for

The US’s Quality CNC Machining partner

As the OEM partner, your customers will be dependant on you to provide the best possible quality. Manufacturing in 2019 and certainly into 2020 and beyond has become a very competitive environment. Your customers demand the best in quality CNC machining be used for their end parts for the best value with on-time deliveries.

This competitive environment means that you, as a buyer, have a plethora of CNC machining shops to choose as a partner. But what should you look for in a quality CNC machining partner?

OEM manufacturer support

Any CNC manufacturing supplier should be there to meet and exceed your requirements, they must be committed to providing the best possible machined parts, on budget and on time. Wisconsin Metal Tech is dedicated to our partnership with you as your OEM supplier. With over a quarter of a century in the CNC machining business, we have learned and developed practices and procedures to create the perfect environment to produce the best possible CNC machined parts.

A forward-looking Technology business

Any quality CNC machining supplier will always look to innovate, whether that is through the use of the latest ERP systems, the continuous training of experienced machinists or through the acquisition of the latest technology. We are always devising strategies to add value to our OEM partners.

We are available to go through the full process of machining your part, we can make suggestions to increase turnaround times and reduce costs. In short, we are there for you as a partner, we are there to make your complex needs easy.

From a small run to High Volume Production

We have the ability to partner with OEMs to handle everything from short runs through to high volume production of everything from simple parts through to CNC machining the most complex of parts.

Ability to quality CNC machine complex parts

We’re a CNC machining company that is expert at developing unique processes to produce complex, difficult-to-make, precision parts. We thrive on the challenges of complexity. We think that hard is fun. Bring us a difficult challenge, one which others have had difficulty getting right and we are in our ideal environment.

ISO 9001:2015 Compliance

Wisconsin Metal Tech has been assessed and is certified by Verisys Registrars as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 for metal rod and bar supply, saw cutting, machining, polishing, and centerless grinding. Take a look at our certifications here.

cnc machining oem partnership

Customer Service

We understand that service is the number one reason that our OEM partners remain with us year after year and project after project. Our staff is continually part of training programs to provide the best quality of service, from initial contact through to final delivery.

Quality and Response

There are 5 critical points to why our OEM partners return to us again and again:

  • The ability to turn parts around rapidly, on-demand
  • Our success at eliminating variation
  • A track record for reducing cost
  • Reliable, lot-to-lot quality to eliminate the need for on-site inspection
  • Single-point project management—let us take responsibility for managing your projects from initial estimate through delivery, for single-point accountability and control.

A True Single Source Partner for your quality CNC machining

In addition to quality CNC machining, centerless grinding, and material supplies. Wisconsin Metal Tech also offers a wide range of secondary processing and finishing services and single point process management to streamline your service. For our OEM partners, this means a higher efficiency rate, lower risk of variance, and a higher level of accountability for the end product.

Reliable and Flexible CNC Machining

Many CNC machine shops have a set of rigid practices and procedures before during and after the machining process. At Wisconsin Metal Tech we have learned to be flexible in the production of an OEM part. We’ll keep you in the loop at all times and if needed we can be ready to make any modifications as and when needed.

At the same time, our 27 years of experience as a quality CNC machining business has allowed us to be flexible without sacrificing reliability. By valuing not just our partnership with our OEM partners but with our suppliers as well.

We have implemented systems to closely monitor, and hone to perfection, our supply chain. Allowing us to meet tight deadlines with consistently on-time deliveries, and quality products with a wide range of shipping and logistics options for customers throughout the US.

Working for you and your customers

There are many industries that are sensitive to the highest consistency in the quality of the finished part. The defense, aerospace and medical industries being chief amongst them. We are rightly proud of the quality of our CNC machining and can offer references and physical samples of our work.

We carefully monitor and measure quality throughout the manufacturing process. Our in-house Quality Management Team will ensure that parts and materials won’t leave our building unless they meet your specifications. Our track record for reliable consistency speaks for itself, you are welcome to view our Quality Reports.

There is no doubt that Wisconsin Metal Tech is your ideal choice of OEM partner, regardless of where in the US you are based. We have been providing OEM support and quality CNC machining for close to 3 decades with a reputation built on quality and service. We are specialists in meeting the requirements to produce complex, difficult-to-make, precision parts

Contact us today with your requirements to see how we can meet your high demands for quality manufacturing.

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