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Business as usual

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New Supplier Enquiry

Do you supply goods and services to the CNC Maching and allied services industry?  You are welcome to send us your details.

The Right Fit

These are the characteristics which we feel any supplier to us should have.

  • Suppliers who provide unique value-added activities and services that help us create value for our customers.
  • Suppliers who collaborate to deliver seamless integration of products and services that enhance our value proposition to our customers.
  • Suppliers who bring us new technologies that improve throughput, efficiency, and quality for us and our customers.

What's Not the Right Fit

We do not want suppliers if any of these characteristics apply to them.

  • Suppliers who see their products or services as a commodity.
  • Suppliers who do not create and deliver value beyond their core product or service.
  • Suppliers who only sell on price.

We welcome enquiries from companies which are the right fit, regardless of your location.

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