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Business as usual

We will be operating all of our services as usual.  Stay safe.

Manufacturing Motion Control

Whether you need a particular machining service or are looking for a full, streamlined solution, contact us to learn more or request a quote on a specific part.

Metal Machining and Supply for Motion Control Equipment

When manufacturing motion control equipment, high precision and consistent quality are essential to your success, partnering with Wisconsin Metal Tech for metal rod and bar supply or contract metal machining means you can rely on always receiving quality goods meeting your requirements and specifications.

Single Point Project Management

When your operation depends on timely deliveries and high efficiencies, Wisconsin Metal Tech’s wide range metal machining, processing, and finishing capabilities allow for a streamlined process.

With our single point project management, you don’t need to worry about bottlenecking or other disruptions due to inefficient processes.

We’re a modern, ISO 9001:2015 Certified, fully equiped machine shop dedicated to your success.

We are the experts in CNC Machining complex, difficult to machine parts.  If your current suppliers cannot give you quick turnaround times and on-time delivery on quality machined products then you should be talking to us.