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Metal Anodizing Service.

By streamlining the process for our clients, we are able to increase efficiency, reduce lead times and eliminate the need to manage multiple vendors.

Multi-Access Productivity and Precision for Complex Large Metal Parts

Through our strategic partners, Wisconsin Metal Tech provides metal anodizing services for aluminum and other metals as part of our full range of metal processing and finishing services. While the main focus is on aluminum, the anodizing process can also be applied to metals including titanium, magnesium, and zinc.

As a company that believes in building meaningful partnerships with our customers, we build our service offerings up to meet the most demanding needs.

Metal Anodizing Services

Wisconsin Metal Tech’s metal anodizing process improves corrosion and wear resistance of our clients metal products. Our anodizing services produce a porous surface in order to easily accept dyes to change the color of the metal. We manufacture parts and pieces of all sizes to your desired spec and color.

With turnaround times of about 4-7 days and a staff of highly trained specialists, we are prepared with the expertise to provide value-added solutions for your projects specific needs.

Metal Anodizing Features

Metal Anodizing Processes

Metal Anodizing Applications