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Latest Job Openings

CNC Machinist

We are looking for someone who can perform all operations of set up equipment and fixtures for other machine operators including instructing operators on procedures and methods.  Responsible for the proper selection of tooling set up and adjustment for manually programming short runs/special jobs.

$25-38 /hr
Sign on Bonus $2,500

Centerless Grinder Machinist -1st Shift

We are looking for someone capable of working independently to setup, run, and troubleshoot our centerless grinding equipment.

$22-32 /hr
Sign on Bonus $2,500

Centerless Grinder Machinist - 2nd Shift

We are looking for someone capable of working independently to setup, run, and troubleshoot our centerless grinding equipment.

Sign on Bonus $5,000

What We Believe (Our Culture)

We are looking for self-motivated individuals that can keep up with the demands in our unique machine shop. This is a great opportunity for someone who is looking for a new day to day experience. There is always something new to learn and pride to gain with Wisconsin Metal Tech.

Everyone’s job at Wisconsin Metal Tech is to create value – for customers, for our fellow team members, for suppliers, the community, and ultimately for the company.

WMT wins and retains customers by creating value for them that other companies cannot. We are constantly on the search for better ways to create more value.

WMT believes that employees should participate in the success they help to create. He does this through a strong bonus program based on company and individual performance.

The company and its employees must always be raising the bar on their knowledge, sophistication, talents, and skills to remain a leader in a competitive world. WMT encourages and supports employees in their personal and professional development through training.

A company can have the best technology in the world but if they don’t have great people, they will not be successful. Our people are how we create value for our customers. Our brilliant team are truly what makes our company a leader in our marketplace.

Are You a Good Fit for WMT?

People who believe and exhibit the following traits are a good fit for WMT.​​ If you feel that you are qualified and ready then complete the form below, attach your resume and we’ll take it from there.

Eager to learn and do new and different things in new and different ways.  The future belongs to the elastic mind.

Works well in a team environment where people from different functions and levels work together for a common goal.

Achieves satisfaction from accomplishing difficult tasks and projects. You should exhibit high trait autonomy outside of the team.

Consistently perform at a high level in all tasks and duties. Set clear goals and have an execution plan.  And remebber, the more you exercise discipline, the stronger it gets.

Demonstrates through their words and actions that all people have value and contribute to the success of the team. She Readily accepts responsibility and shares success.

People who want to coast through the day and do as little as possible are not a good fit

Why work for WMT?

  • On-the-job training that is patient and gives you space to figure things out
  • Comfortably-paced environment
  • Voluntary overtime
  • Great chemistry among co-workers
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Privately owned, truly family-oriented
  • Flexibility in your week to take care of life
  • Paid lunches, annual Brewers outings
    for employees and family members, etc.
  • Quarterly and other bonuses
  • Clean working conditions
  • Great benefits, low premiums including Simple IRA with match

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