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Join our Team at WMT

Working as part of the Wisconsin Metal Tech team can be the most rewarding experience you’ll have in your working life.

What We Believe (Our Culture)

We're Creating Value for Everyone

Everyone’s job at Wisconsin Metal Tech is to create value – for customers, for our fellow team members, for suppliers, the community, and ultimately for the company.

Performance is the Measure of Success

WMT wins and retains customers by creating value for them that other companies cannot. We are constantly on the search for better ways to create more value.

Recognizing & Rewarding Performance

WMT believes that employees should participate in the success they help to create. He does this through a strong bonus program based on company and individual performance.

We're Raising the Bar

The company and its employees must always be raising the bar on their knowledge, sophistication, talents, and skills to remain a leader in a competitive world. WMT encourages and supports employees in their personal and professional development through training.

People Are the Difference

A company can have the best technology in the world but if they don’t have great people, they will not be successful. Our people are how we create value for our customers. Our brilliant team are truly what makes our company a leader in our marketplace.

Are You a Good Fit for WMT?

People who believe and exhibit the following traits are a good fit for WMT.

Flexible Thinking

Eager to learn and do new and different things in new and different ways.  The future belongs to the elastic mind.

Collaborative Thinking

Works well in a team environment where people from different functions and levels work together for a common goal.

Thrive on Challenge

Achieves satisfaction from accomplishing difficult tasks and projects. You should exhibit high trait autonomy outside of the team.


Consistently perform at a high level in all tasks and duties. Set clear goals and have an execution plan.  And remebber, the more you exercise discipline, the stronger it gets.


Demonstrates through their words and actions that all people have value and contribute to the success of the team. She Readily accepts responsibility and shares success.

People who want to coast through the day and do as little as possible are not a good fit

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