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Industries Served

Striving to support OEM and contract part providers across a wide range of industries.

industries served

Wisconsin Metal Tech is a full-service metal machining and supply partner

We support original equipment manufacturers and contract part and assembly providers across a wide range of industries. Whether we are simply providing rod and bar supply or offering comprehensive, single source project management throughout the entire process, we strive to give our customers the very best.

We understand the unique needs our customers have in every industry and work as their partner to provide the best solutions with the highest efficiency. These are just a few of the many industries we serve.

assembly machining

Assembly and Machining

Wisconsin Metal Tech understands tha the Assembly and machining equipment manufacturers need superior, close tolerance parts. Wisconsin Metal Tech provides on time parts with superior quality and unrivaled consistency.

construction equipment

Construction Equipment

Heavy duty machinery and construction equipment manufacturers need their products to stand up to the most demanding applications, they trust Wisconsin Metal Tech for expert material selection and machining services.

industries oem


Conveyor and material handling system manufacturers need quality parts designed and manufactured to tight specifications, they count on Wisconsin Metal Tech for quality machining services.

dairy agriculture

Dairy and

The dairy and agriculture industry requires high quality, reliable components to keep their equipment running day after day, we provides components to meet the highest requirements and closest tolerances.

food processing


Sanitation and safety are top priorities, Wisconsin Metal Tech utilizes our experience and expertise to provide quality material selection recommendations and quality metal parts and components.

hydraulic equipment


Hydraulic equipment components are held to tight tolerances and rigorous performance standards, manufacturers count on Wisconsin Metal Tech’s track record for quality products and no variation.

industries oem

Industrial Machine OEM

OEMs – Original equipment manufacturers relies on outside vendors for metal supply and machining services, Wisconsin Metal Tech provides consistent and efficient machining services to keep their operation running smoothly.

motion control s


Motion control equipment manufacturers demand high precision and consistent quality, they rely on Wisconsin Metal Tech to produce the highest level of service and responsiveness.