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How Stock and Release Will Benefit Your Operation

How Stock and Release Will Benefit Your Operation

Inventory management can be a costly expense, demanding warehousing space, and other resources. The stock and release program offered by Wisconsin Metal Tech ensures you have the parts or assemblies your operation requires. When you need it without the cost of carrying the inventory yourself. Our stock and release program for metal parts and materials will save your company time and money.

On-Demand Inventory

The first and most important benefit of a stock and release program is perhaps the most obvious as well. It can be difficult to keep parts and assemblies in your inventory when you do not have space or resources to keep them on-hand. With our stock and release program, we will hold your part and ship it to you on your schedule.  So you have what you need when you need it. Wisconsin Metal Tech offers a wide variety of shipping and logistics solutions. With a quick turnaround so you can get the parts you need when you need them.

Control Price Variance

Utilizing a stock and release program means being able to enjoy the consistently lower prices made available by large runs without having to shoulder the cost of warehousing. When dealing with particular materials, you may run into a certain cost volatility. By holding this stock for delayed release, you are able to take control of any price volatility that comes with the material you’re using.

Spread Out Cash Flow

Another benefit of using the stock and release program is the ability to break out payments over time, rather than paying for the entire supply at once. This frees up cash flow for other important things in your business.

Using Wisconsin Metal Tech’s stock and hold-for-release program is a great way to manage your metal parts and materials while enjoying lower and more regulated costs. Contact us for more information!

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