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Metal Machining Services for Food Processing

We are a metal machining partner committed to improving your process, consistency and bottom line.

food processing line

Wisconsin Metal Tech have a great deal of experience and expertise in Food Processing Equipment.

Food processing equipment is designed and manufactured with sanitation and safety as top priorities.

When selecting a partner for metal parts machining and supply, it’s important to choose someone with a great deal of experience and expertise. Wisconsin Metal Tech has been providing full-service metal component machining, grinding, and supply for over twenty years.

Our single-source manufacturing capabilities include comprehensive project management to ensure your components are using the best material for its application and undergoing the most efficient and cost-effective process to protect your bottom line.

Quality Materials for Demanding Food Processing

When sanitation and protection against corrosion are increasingly important to the food processing industry, Wisconsin Metal Tech draws from unrivaled expertise in materials and machinability to provide valuable insight on selecting the best materials for your food processing application.

With a deep understanding of all the regulations involved in the food processing industry, we’re able to look at the big picture to make sure your parts stand up to all compliances. We then utilize over two decades of experience and a commitment to quality service to machine that material to exact specifications and the tightest tolerances.

Your Partner for Quality Machined Components

With Wisconsin Metal Tech as your partner, you can rely on quality machined parts delivered on time and available when you need them.

Single point project management and our full range of machining capabilities mean you don’t have to deal with the hassle that comes with multiple vendors. It also means cost and time savings with a higher level of efficiency.