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CNC Metal Machining

Wisconsin Metal Tech, located in Richfield, Wisconsin, is a full-service contract CNC metal machining, centerless grinding and material supply company.

Your CNC Metal Machining, Centerless Grinding and Material Supply Partner

We serve original equipment manufacturers and contract part and assembly providers across the Midwest, nationwide and the world.

There are many ways people do business with Wisconsin Metal Tech. Some rely on us solely for rod and bar supply. Others save time with value-added secondary services like sawing, heat treating, plating or grinding. A fast-growing part of our business is project management and single-source manufacturing of precision machined metal parts.

No matter how you choose to work with us, we pride ourselves on finding ways to improve your bottom line. We save time and money, from recommending better ways to purchase materials, to improving part design or processes, to managing supply and inventory solutions.

Single Source Project Management

Wisconsin Metal Tech offers project management to oversee and troubleshoot all aspects of your part or assembly.  This includes drawings and estimates, cost/manufacturing improvements, material purchase, machining and production, vendor coordination, inventory programs, quality documentation and meeting exacting delivery schedules.

Quality and Response

Speed & Accuracy in CNC Metal Machining, Grinding and More!

Why do so many customers return to Wisconsin Metal Tech when there’s a wide choice of CNC metal machining and supply companies? Companies tell us it’s five critical points:

CNC Metal Machining

Demand Quick Turn? Count On Us!

Wisconsin Metal Tech will accommodate your schedule whether it’s next week, the next day or even, if necessary, the same day. And we provide a wide range of shipping and logistics options.

Our systems, equipment and materials are aligned so we can respond quickly and allow you to address changing needs at the speed of business.

Continuously Improving Part Cost, Function

The Wisconsin Metal Tech team is constantly ­finding ways to help you be more competitive.

Whether it’s value-engineering part design and or construction, ­finding ways to run components more efficiently or analyzing materials to save you time and money, Wisconsic Metal Tech is there for you.

Quality Management/In-House Inspection

We carefully monitor and measure quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Our Quality Management team in combination with our in-house specification will strive to make sure that all parts and materials manufactured by us won’t leave our building unless they meet your specifications.  

Quality Registration / Certification

Wisconsin Metal Tech is accountable to your critical specifications and need for quality documentation.

We are certified in the ISO 9001 quality standard and responsive to meeting your internal quality processes.

Quality Reports

At Wisconsin Metal Tech we take pride in delivering the highest quality products and our track record for reliable consistency speaks for itself.

We are an ISO 9001 quality standard certified company, and we are highly responsive to meeting your internal quality processes.

Take a look at some of our sample quality reports and contact us for more information or request a quote for a specific product.

The Best CNC Machining

We specialize in making complex, difficult to make parts.

Centerless Grinding Quote

Centerless Bar, In-feed and Thru-Grinding for the best finishing.

Steel Rod and Bar Stock

We are specialists in supplying hard to source rod and bar steel stock.