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CNC Machining Case Studies

Case Studies – at Wisconsin Metal Tech, we take pride in the partnerships we build through hard work and investing in our customers success.

Taking pride in our partnerships with our customers.

Whether it’s delivering consistent quality that’s always on time or going the extra mile to optimize a process and improve a customer’s bottom line, we do whatever it takes to get it done. Read through some of our case studies for some examples of our work.

Case Studies - 1

case studies 2

Investing in a Customer – How Wisconsin Metal Tech Rose to Meet the Challenge

The Challenge

When Wisconsin Metal Tech finds an opportunity to improve a supply chain, they’ll do what they can to make it happen. Whether that means streamlining an entire process, offering stock-and-release inventory management, or expanding their service offering to meet the needs of a customer, it’s all in the spirit of a true partnership.

Prior to Wisconsin Metal Tech, this company was having bottle-necking issues that came with a disjointed machining and supply chain. Ordering tubing material from one supplier, bringing it in house to get sawed, and then sending it out to another vendor for flaring lead to issues with on time deliverability. Scheduling with the flaring operation had become an issue with the customer’s manufacturing needs.

The Solution

Initially, Wisconsin Metal Tech was in discussion to supply the tubing for this particular part when they saw an opportunity to bring the entire process in-house. At this point, Wisconsin Metal Tech didn’t have a flaring machine in their facility.

Instead of sending the part out and risking more bottle-necking issues, they took on the capital risk of purchasing a flaring machine to provide the most efficient, streamlined process.

Now, all the tubing is stored at Wisconsin Metal Tech’s facility (under their stock and release program), and the materials are sawed, flared and finished in house.

The Result

Thanks to the Wisconsin Metal Tech’s commitment to improving process, this customer went from delivering this particular part at an 80% on time rate to just under 100%. With a streamlined process and in house inventory management, prices have become more consistent year over year.

Quality has improved as well, where the old process relied on the accuracy of multiple vendors, Wisconsin Metal Tech’s dedication to providing only the highest quality has resulted in more consistency and praise from the final authorized inspector.


Case Studies - 2

How Doing Whatever It Takes Led to a Strategic Partnership


Wisconsin Metal Tech’s “production mentality” is the key to providing the best service to their customers. Whether they’re providing an end to end solution for a particular part or providing one specific piece of the process for a number of parts, they’re committed to doing it the best.

When they consistently outperform the competition, it’s natural that more demand comes their way. What makes Wisconsin Metal Tech special is their ability to adapt and expand their capacity to handle everything that comes their way.

The Challenge

In this case, it wasn’t a specific problem of another supplier not being able to deliver on time or an issue in the customer’s supply chain. Even if there aren’t any glaring issues to be resolved, Rather, Wisconsin Metal Tech’s dedication to constantly improving process and providing the best service paid off in more and more business from the same customer being sent their way.

The Solution

In the beginning, Wisconsin Metal Tech provided a portion of the precision centerless grinding services the customer required. Over time, they continued to outperform the competition with unmatched levels of responsiveness, service, and capacity. Eventually, most all the customer’s centerless grinding requirements migrated to Wisconsin Metal Tech.

To accommodate the growing relationship, Wisconsin Metal Tech has made key capacity and technology investments to maintain the level of service the customer receives. It’s because of this clear commitment to service that Wisconsin Metal Tech has become a strategic supplier for this particular customer.

Since the start of their relationship, the customer has noted Wisconsin Metal Tech’s costs are more competitive than ever and their lead times, responsiveness, capacity, and technical capabilities are stronger than ever.

Case Studies - 3

gun drilling

Full Range Machining Service to Deliver Near Finished Parts

Case Studies - 3 -
The Challenge

Wisconsin Metal Tech takes pride in the ability to provide single source machining and single point project management, maximizing efficiency and results for the customer. It’s our track record for reliability and consistent quality that allows customers to bring entire processes to Wisconsin Metal Tech.

When the burden of performing a number of processes was causing problems for this customer, Wisconsin Metal Tech rose to the challenge.

Originally, the customer was gun drilling, grinding, and chrome plating a heat treated stainless steel provided by Wisconsin Metal Tech. When the customer was struggling to perform the machining for the parts they were receiving, Wisconsin Metal Tech was there to offer a solution.

The Solution

Wisconsin Metal Tech was able to take the steel they were originally only supplying to the customer and perform almost all of the machining duties prior to delivery. Centerless grinding, gun drilling, and chrome plating are all taken care of before the customer receives it.

The Result

With Wisconsin Metal Tech handling the majority of the machining work, the customer is able to purchase a near finished part. Machining the end of the part is the only part of the process the customer needs to worry about before being able to send off to their customer.

Wisconsin Metal Tech takes pride in being able to offer single source project management for a streamlined process. Contact us for more information on how we can help your operation become more efficient, or request a quote on a specific part.

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