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Assembly and Machining

The ultimate solution for controlling quality, cost, and reliability for large, complex parts.

assembly machining

Metal Machining Services for Assembly and Machining Equipment Manufacturers

Large scale assembly and machining equipment manufacturers that utilize outside resources for supply and machining of certain metal parts necessary in their operation require a company who can deliver on time and with consistent quality.

Wisconsin Metal Tech’s partnership and production approach means their customers can expect the level of service and commitment quality necessary to keep their own operation running as smoothly as possible.

Stock and Release for On Demand Inventory

With so many moving parts, space can be a highly valuable resource for your operation. When assembly and machining equipment manufacturers require readily available inventory but don’t have the warehousing space, Wisconsin Metal Tech’s inventory management program ensures you have the parts when you need them.

Our stock and hold-for-release program allows us to manage large volumes of your product and eliminate out-of-stock problems while also providing more consistent pricing.

Consistent Quality

Your operation also relies on receiving parts and components that meet your specifications and quality requirements to keep things moving forward. When critical components aren’t up to snuff, it can throw a big wrench in your entire operation.

Wisconsin Metal Tech is fully certified in ISO 9001 quality standards and has a track record for consistent, quality production.