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5-Axis Horizontal Machining

The ultimate solution for controlling quality, cost and reliability for large, complex parts.

Multi-Access Productivity and Precision for Complex Large Metal Parts

Wisconsin Metal Tech offers 5-axis horizontal machining capabilities to consecutively machine and drill challenging parts on 5 different planes. This 5-axis technology offers a large work envelope for metals up to 30″ x 18″ by 20″, tool probing for faster setup and cycle times; and high-pressure coolant for faster speeds.

5-Axis Horizontal Machining Services

Wisconsin Metal Tech offers 5-axis horizontal milling capabilities to provide infinite possibilities for part geometries. In order to allow for high-volume production, our 5-axis milling machine is equipped with tool probing for faster setup and cycle times for large, complex parts.

5-Axis Horizontal Machining Features


Machining Applications

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