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2023 A Year of Triumph and Transformation

2023 A Year of Triumph and Transformation

Milestone Anniversary: Celebrating 30 Years

In the heart of the Midwest, nestled among the rolling hills of Wisconsin, a manufacturing success story has been unfolding for the past three decades. Wisconsin Metal Tech, a stalwart in the precision machining industry, proudly marked its 30th anniversary in 2022. From humble beginnings to an established force, this milestone was a testament to resilience and vision. Three decades of unwavering commitment to excellence have propelled the company to new heights, we also look forward to the next chapter—the next 30 years of innovation, precision, and unwavering dedication. The torch passes, but the flame burns brighter.

Business Evolution: From Rods to Complex Production

Wisconsin Metal Tech’s evolution mirrors the industry’s dynamic landscape. What began as a bridge between material vendors and customers has blossomed into a multifaceted enterprise. The journey from offering saw-cut materials to embracing centerless grinding, bar grinding, CNC machines, and rotary bending services exemplifies adaptability and foresight.

record breaking year in sales

Record-Breaking Year in Sales: A Triumph Beyond Numbers

The balance sheets may tell a tale of figures, but Wisconsin Metal Tech’s record-breaking year in sales transcends mere arithmetic. Let’s delve into the layers that make this triumph resonate beyond the columns:

Trust Earned, Not Bought

Client Relationships: Our sales figures aren’t just transactions; they’re the culmination of trust nurtured over decades. Clients return because they know we deliver—not just products, but promises kept.

Partnerships Forged

The crucible of industry demands has forged partnerships that withstand pressure, heat, and time. Collaborations with manufacturers, engineers, and designers have birthed solutions that defy convention.

Solutions Delivered

Beyond raw materials, we provide solutions. Whether streamlining production, enhancing efficiency, or solving complex design challenges, our expertise extends beyond the shop floor.

The Ripple Effect

Word of Mouth

Satisfied clients become our ambassadors. They recommend us to colleagues, industry peers, and competitors. Our reputation precedes us.

Repeat Business

A one-time sale is transactional; repeat business is relational. Our loyal clients return because they trust our craftsmanship, our integrity, and our ability to deliver consistently.

New Horizons

Trust opens doors. It leads to collaborations, joint ventures, and new markets. When clients trust us, they’re willing to explore uncharted territories together.

The Unsung Heroes

Our Workforce

Skilled Machinists: Behind every sale is a team of skilled machinists. Their dedication, craftsmanship, and attention to detail fuel our success.

wisconsin metal tech our workforce

Founder’s Legacy

Jeff Heinze, our founder, instilled these values. His handshake was his bond. As we celebrate 30 years, we honor his legacy by upholding the same principles.

Customer Satisfaction as the North Star

Metrics Aside

Our compass points to customer satisfaction. It’s in the nod of approval from an engineer, the relieved smile of a project manager, and the repeat orders that validate our path.

Chasing Excellence

We don’t chase numbers; we chase excellence, knowing that satisfied clients are our most potent advocates.

The Symphony Continues

Innovation Beckons

Our record-breaking year isn’t a destination; it’s a milestone on an ever-evolving journey. We innovate, adapt, and anticipate—always guided by our commitment to quality.

Legacy and Future

Jeff’s legacy lives on. As we step into the future, we carry the torch of innovation, fueled by the spirit of our founder.

In summary, this year’s triumph isn’t about eclipsing targets; it’s about illuminating possibilities. Wisconsin Metal Tech’s symphony of dedication, resilience, and growth plays on.

Continued Investment: Strengthening the Foundation

Wisconsin Metal Tech’s journey isn’t static; it’s a dynamic evolution—a symphony that harmonizes past achievements with future aspirations. As we celebrate over 30 years of customer success, we recognize that progress demands more than mere reflection. It requires action—an unwavering commitment to innovation and growth.

Investment – a word etched in steel, resonating through our shop floor. We’ve channeled significant capital into our infrastructure, fortifying the very bedrock of our operations. How?

New Machines

The hum of CNCs, the precision of grinders—these aren’t just sounds; they’re investments. We’ve acquired cutting-edge machines, such as the HAAS ST-25LY, each a conduit for excellence. They don’t merely cut metal; they sculpt possibilities.

Streamlined Floor Space

Our shop floor isn’t a random arrangement; it’s a choreography. We’ve reimagined layouts, optimized pathways, and streamlined processes. The result? Increased manufacturing flexibility—a nimbleness that responds to market shifts.

Output Amplified

The presses press harder, the lathes spin faster. Output isn’t a statistic; it’s the heartbeat of our commitment. We’ve fine-tuned our rhythm, ensuring that every component leaving our facility bears the stamp of precision.

Vision for the Future: Customer-Centric Excellence

Looking ahead, our vision remains unwavering: customer-centric excellence. We pledge to continue exceeding expectations, innovating relentlessly, and fostering enduring relationships. As the industry evolves, so shall we—anticipating needs, adapting swiftly, and staying true to our core values.


Wisconsin Metal Tech’s remarkable journey unfolds as a harmonious symphony, resonating with unwavering dedication, resilience, and continuous growth. Embarking on the path to the future, we proudly bear the torch of innovation, steadfastly guided by the indomitable spirit of our visionary founder.

Celebrating three decades of unparalleled excellence, our commitment to you is embedded in every step of our journey, characterized by Precision, Quality, and Service – important words that epitomize the unfolding narrative of our ongoing success story. We raise a toast to the past achievements and eagerly anticipate the thrilling chapters that lie ahead, destined to be written in the unfolding narrative of our ongoing success story.

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